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    Hmmm It’s hard to know how autonomos any PM is, from the rest of the gang, isnt it?

    So how much May or Thatcher were under the influence of a mainly male crowd, is hard to say.

    It’s also hard to say whether women get nominated for PM, down to agreeing with their mainly male counterparts or not.

    I wonder who the main influencers are.

    I dunno, essentially I am more interested in a person’s politics than whether they are male or female.  Having said that, the difference typically, in leadership qualities, between male and female are interesting, as the article points out.

    I suppose I rather look at individuals than at men as a single entity or at women as a single entity.

    I feel uneasy at generalising about either gender to be honest, too much, anyway.

    Women have just as much potential as men to be great leaders, and i know this from different bosses i’ve had over the years.  And yes, i suppose my favourite have been women.  I don’t feel i could generalise about either gender though. People are so different, and it depends on the pressures they are under too, from their bosses or  influencers, further up the ladder so to speak or with powerful persuasive tactics, for whatever reason.

    With regards to May, i have to say, that politics aside, i find her more likeable than the other tories.

    I don’t really understand why i find her more likeable than the rest, maybe because she danced on tv to Abba.  Yes that might be why.  I dunno.

    It’s like a better feeling i have when i watch her than watching the others.

    I think it’s a warmer feeling.

    You see, i don’t blame just her for any mess caused by this government.  I rather see the whole of the movement towards more right wing capitalism, than just individuals.  I kind of find it spurious that one single woman makes all the major decisions, even if she is prime minister.  So to blame her single handedly for all the ills of this government, to me, is a bit ridiculous.

    Corbyn on the other hand, strikes me as being more kind of autonomous as a leader.  It strikes me that he stands by his principles firmly, and is less likely to give in to people in the party with different ideas.

    I spose i’m going on feelings rather than absolute fact.

    But the impression i have is that Corbyn stands for a certain set of values, no matter what adversity he faces within his own party.  Where as May is more about going with the flow.

    Perhaps there is less individuality in the tory party.  As i once commented previously on social media somewhere, it’s always deemed a crisis when party members start having different opinions on stuff, and disagree with eachother. i dunno, i reckon this is more a strength in a way than a weakness. it means they think for themselves and aren’t all bogged down by some rigid blooming political dogma, like the tories are.  i mean i like that.

    i am blathering…………………….




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