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    Newton Abbot


    To me it means that the different roles of men and women in life have equal value. It means we are different, but celebrate that difference, complement each other and are of equal worth as human beings. Sadly we haven’t been, and still are not, treated as such by those in ‘power’ as austerity has disproportionately affected women, which got me thinking. We know we’ve not been treated equally, they know we know but gaslight us by telling us we have equality. Pfft.

    I’ve heard women saying they can do anything a man can do, and that’s great, but not what it’s about for me. It isn’t a competition. It isn’t man hating, I like men. It isn’t all about work and money. It’s equality and equity, and we’ve never had much of either. In a country where ‘upskirting’ has only just been made illegal in 2019 I do ponder the self proclaimed ‘feminism’ of our PM.

    What do you think?

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    There are those who have taken it to mean man hating and women’s rights above men’s. I’m with you on equality and equal rights for men and woman.


    Such a shame it has taken the direction it has, it’s not what it’s about and causes people to hate feminists. I’m not THAT kind of feminist, I’m one of the old sense, like you.


    Austerity has affected women more because of the jobs woman traditionally do, because of period poverty and the roles women take on these days, trying to work and still look after the children.

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    I’ve watched discussion/debate amongst women of the ‘left’ on the subject of feminism and it’s quite frightening how some called feminists SHUT DOWN other women because they don’t agree with their outlook or perspective

    Some feminists just don’t listen. It’s their way or no way.  And if you’re a man and pipe up ‘what about men?’ you get completely and uttery blasted haha.

    But I’m with you Jules.  Absolutely i agree in equality. Wholly.

    But it’s funny isn’t it that only a small percentage of women actually identify with being feminist, even though they believe in equality, isn’t it?

    seems some women are making feminism very unpopular.

    oh and  wo betide if you haven’t been reading up on all the issues, you’ll get shot down to pieces.

    actually, that’s another bug bear of mine, those that have read a lot of books and reckon anyone that hasn’t, is somehow 2nd class to them.

    yes we need our academics, very much, for any kind of movement towards equality for all, to ensue further.   but also we do need people that can think for themselves too, without having to read stuff.

    i know that reading can open your eyes up, but it is also worrying when it becomes simply repeating what you’ve read without thinking for yourself.

    whilst some writers may be inspiring etc. sometimes it’s quite cool to just look around for yourself and observe from life experience……

    a good teacher will teach you to think for yourself and to lead yourself rather than be led.

    i really think a healthy society should do just that. instead of people following a few around like a herd of sheep.

    better than telling people what’s what and slamming them down if they disagree.

    i took part in a facebook group some time ago, for women of the ‘left’. it was a sorry sorry messy state of affairs. lots of falling out and ********.  jeeez where is the support towards eachother.

    anyway, that’s my semi rant over.

    it was just ironic that i’ve never known such a bitchfest online, and this was amongst women saying equality for all.  not a very supportive environment at all.

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    I think if you read up on subjects you should read a range of views and perspectives and apply your own experiences and thoughts to it all. I understand where you’re coming from when you say reading and following like sheep. That’s the problem.

    This latest wave of feminists is off putting for us. We just want to empower men and women.


    Unfortunately, I find people on the left at times worse than those on the right for dogmatism and being extremely condescending. They seem to think they have the moral high ground. Not all of us, of course.

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