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    Is this true do you think?

    Perhaps you never had a rebellious streak in your body Fair enough.

    But would you say that generally, younger people used to be more rebellious than older people?  If they were, is it still the same today??

    I can’t help thinking that we become less inspired as we get older. More dull and insipid perhaps. Perhaps we have to fit in and conform. Scared to upset the applecart because we’ll be seen as a threat maybe.

    A threat to the status quo.

    I was a baby in the 60s and just  kids in the 70s. but wasn’t it when people were more spirited? or something like that? and then punk happened, good or bad as it may’ve been. and then everything seemed to go downhill since then in terms of spirit. It suddently became all about the crowd and less about the individuals.  the ideas the brainwaves, the possiblities. the open mindedness.

    where has it all gone. where are the promising minds these days? being paid offf by google or apple to create and invent technology that makes oodles of DOSH innit.

    they can’t get revolutionary cos well, why bit the the hand that feeds you?

    it’s like we’ve all been bought.

    look at all those people in syria. thank god we’re not them. lets just keep our heads down and feel grateful. even though we ***** about left or right politics. yes a little ***** and a moan here and there.

    apart from that we’re pretty useless twats. do you agree?

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