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    Seriously, its true.

    All i said to him was ‘hey john, is this your wife?? like a stupid plonker, to which he replied ‘dont you know’

    which i then replied, being an even more stupid plonker, saying ‘no, how am i supposed to know’

    and then he said quite simply ‘f.u.c.k o.f.f’ looking grumpy

    someone told me i basically asked the worst thing i possibly could

    oh well

    so anyway, i got a tshirt printed up didnt it, saying ‘John Lydon Told Me To **** Off’ and then i wore it to a PiL gig at Camden Rocks 2018.  and guess what, the front man of the band on before PiL, is speaking on the mic, saying ‘oh yeh john lydon told me to f.u.c.k. o.f.f. earlier’

    so i figure i could go into mass production with my tshirt design and make a mint

    what do you think?

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    i think prospective purchasers would need to prove that he had indeed told them to FO or it would just cheepen the disign.  why are u meant to know who his wife is anyway, i know shes mega rich hairess but i wouldnt recognis her, he’s a silly ****. new T-shirt design idea,” jonny rotten is a silly t.w.a.t” defo a money spinner

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