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    Is it ****!
    more down ******* trodden
    spirit of punk long forgotten
    wake up you!
    You aint got a clue!
    where is your punk?
    where is that *****?
    latent and repressed
    dormant and oppressed
    one day you gotta break
    be alive and get awake!
    you’re so tamed and controlled
    struggling to make it happen
    all the while being downtrodden
    by a system that ***** you over
    tryin to find your lucky clover
    that don’t exist by the way
    so you just go about your day
    there aint no ******* future
    have you got the ******* picture?
    there is no house, only debt,
    and all you have done is wept
    about your **** situation
    and it’s shared by half the nation
    crumpled dispirited and folorn
    grieving and mourning
    a world that WAS dawning
    alive, raw and vibrant
    loud, noisy and so fervent
    raw energy, busting out of the seams
    in the face of the capitalist dreams
    was it all just a tragedy
    that hot unbridled energy
    was it all just a negative?
    or was it all positive
    the start or the end?
    or really round the bend?!

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